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The Bioinspired Science and Technology (BIST) Center provides a collaboration platform for a vigorous and highly interconnected research community in the interdisciplinary area between engineering and the life sciences at Virginia Tech. It facilitates synergies and the development of novel interdisciplinary approaches to major scientific and engineering challenges by obtaining engineering inspiration from the study of biological systems.

Research conducted by members of the center will seeks to advance the development of BIST into a mature scientific and engineering discipline. It will make progress in areas where large performance gaps remain between biological and engineered systems. In doing so, research by members of the center pays special attention to the following for key features that frequently give biological systems an edge over their engineered peers: (i) embedding into the physical world, (ii) system integration, (iii) dynamic solutions, (iv) biodiversity and bioinspired innovation.

The BIST center welcomes members from all disciplines. It is supported financially by the Institute for Critical and Applied Technology (ICTAS) and has its administrative home is in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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