Research Directions

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Animal Locomotion & Breathing
Dr. Socha, “Inspiration From a Snake That Flies”

Animal Swarming
Dr. Abaid, “Understanding Interations Between Flying Bats”

Animation & Visualization
Dr. Cao, Tucker, Webster

Bioinspired Buildings
Dr. Garvin, Dr. Reichard, Dr. Taylor

Philosophy of Bioinspiration
Dr. Pitt

Biofluid Mechanics
Dr. Jung, Dr. Staples, Dr. Tafti, “Dynamics of Dogs Drinking”

Bioinspired Robotics
Dr. Behkem, Dr. Ben-Tzvi, Dr. Leonessa, “Intelligent Biomimetic Robotic Tails For Stabilizing And Agile Maneuvering Of Legged Robots”

Biological Flight
Dr. Bayandor, Dr. Hajj

Biomaterials & Structures
Dr. De Vita, Dr. Philen, Dr. Sultan

Biodynamics & Control
Dr. Ross, Dr. Kurdila

Bioinspired Sensing
Dr. Müller, Dr. Mallikarjunan, “Dynamic Sensing Inspired By Bat Biosonar”

Data Analytics
Dr. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Zhu

Fluid-Structure Interactions
Dr. Choi, Dr. Wang

Interfacial Phenomena
Dr. Boreyko, “Beetle-Inspired Anti-Frosting Surfaces”

Physiological Ecology
Dr. Moore

Population Dynamics
Dr. Yan

Spider Silk
Dr. Opell

Synthetic Biosystems
Dr. Feng, Dr. Ruder, Dr. Zhang