Center Organization

The center is coordinated by a steering committee of four people:
the Center Director and Coordinators for Research, Education, and Industrial Partnerships.

THE CENTER DIRECTOR assumes overall responsibility for the center and coordinates its external communications, e.g., through a website, social media, and events organized by the center. The founding director of the center is Rolf Müller (Mechanical Engineering).

THE RESEARCH COORDINATOR is in charge of collecting information on ongoing BIST research and new grant opportunities and disseminates this information externally as well as internally. He/She also facilitates the planning process for large collaborative proposals. The center’s first research coordinator is Sunny Jung (Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics).

THE EDUCATION COORDINATOR is in charge of tracking existing courses and research opportunities for students in the BIST area and disseminates this information among faculty and students. He/She coordinates efforts in BIST education such as the creation of new courses, lab rotations, degree paths, or minors. The center’s first education coordinator is Nicole Abaid (Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics).

THE COORDINATOR FOR INDUSTRIAL PARTNERSHIPS leads the center’s outreach to companies and its industrial affiliates program. The center’s first coordinator for industrial partnerships is Afroze Mohammed, Associate Director of Strategic Alliances in the National Capital Region.